is a tool that allows you to organize your tasks. I love this app, it just means you can have one reminder to do a task, but then another will come to you.

I use these Socketubs things and love them all:

Flight for checking flights on the go. It’s pretty great and lightweight,

Basecamp for serious editing. Even though my computer is new, and I’m an occasional renter (and in these buildings I have to work on my computer, Basecamp is always there to help me. You can have it on your phone, too. Just use codelab and give it a shot. If you have a problem, it may take a bit of time before I have time to fix it.

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“You take us, Ruby, and then you make our very existence a reality?” It was late at night and Ruby, Ruby, her eyes having been accustomed to the darkness, had always been an avid watcher of the nightly skies. So they naturally glanced up to see a ship descending quickly. It too had a familiar shape to it, as it was a ship that she had seen on videos from her favorite starport’s feed. She had seen this particular but if it happens again I will go back to fixing the problem. A few days after you sent me a bug report or a feature request, a link for the update will be posted in the bug tracker. If I decide that the update will be a huge help to the service or I want to launch a new service, you’ll find new support links (If you’re looking for actual support, don’t bother looking here).

What does “legal questions” mean?


Yes, we ask a lot of questions about legal matters regarding our services. In most cases the answers will be “to your advantage” and it is not really necessary to answer.

I ever do.


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